Hi, my name is Rambo,
I'm a long-time photo enthusiast from Denmark, a photography student at Media College Viborg, and a full-time observer of interesting surroundings.
My visual curiosity stems from my personal experience with navigating two different cultures growing up. I enjoy to witness the differences in humans and places, because it shows just how similar we really are. 
My academic background in International Studies from Aalborg University gave rise to a strong curiosity for the world in general. I was raised in Denmark to Vietnamese parents, growing up bilingual with frequent visits to South Vietnam's Mekong delta. I have recently lived in Vietnam for 1,5 years to explore my cultural roots, draw inspiration, and grow my photographic sense of purpose.
I get excited for foreign cultures, straightforward people, the strange and the weird. Almost any nature and wildlife intrigues me. I'm raised in the city but yearn for the outdoors.
Feel free to say hi!
E-mail: rambovantran@gmail.com
Phone: UK (+44) 7840 353 727