Hi! I'm Rambo,
I'm a long-time photo enthusiast from Denmark, a photography student at Media College Viborg, and a full-time observer of interesting surroundings.
My visual creativity stems from my personal experience with navigating two different cultures growing up. My academic background in International Studies from Aalborg University cultivated a strong curiosity for the world in general. I was raised in Denmark to Vietnamese parents, growing up bilingual with frequent visits to South Vietnam's Mekong delta. I have recently lived in Vietnam for 1,5 years to explore my cultural roots, draw inspiration, and grow my photographic sense of purpose.
I get excited for foreign cultures, straightforward people, the strange and the weird. Almost any nature and wildlife intrigues me.
I'm raised in the city but yearn for the outdoors.

E-mail: rambovantran@gmail.com
Phone: (DK) +45 50 37 58 88